Shock in the golf world: "LIV Golf accuses Tiger Woods of.."

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Shock in the golf world: "LIV Golf accuses Tiger Woods of.."
Shock in the golf world: "LIV Golf accuses Tiger Woods of.." (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The conflict between LIV Golf and PGA Tour A is not abating. This time, LIV Golf accuses Tiger Woods of encouraging young players not to be part of LIV Golf. In the lawsuit filed by LIV Golfer, it was written: "The Tour also got Tiger Woods to do its bidding and publicly criticize golfers— particularly younger golfers—for joining LIV Golf by suggesting they would never play in The Masters, The Open, or other Majors and would not earn OWGR points”.

Tiger Woods on LIV Golf

Tiger Woods openly said a few months ago that he was against LIV Golf. Woods believes that many people will be at a loss with such a move. "I disagree with those who have gone to LIV, I think they have turned their back on what allowed them to get to this position.

Some players have never had a chance to even experience playing on one of the tours. They have gone right from the amateur ranks to that organisation and never really had a chance to feel what it is like to play a schedule or play in big events.

Some of these players may never even get a chance to play in major championships. That is a possibility. They will never get a chance to experience this right here. Walk down the fairways at Augusta National”. Woods thinks it's sad that young players choose LIV Golf.

“I can understand 54 holes for the Senior Tour. The guys are older and a little more banged up. When you are young, 72-hole tests are part of it. We used to have 36-hole play-offs for majors. I just don't see how this is positive in the long term.

It would be sad to see some of these young kids never get a chance to walk these hallowed grounds and play in these majors”.

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