Tiger Woods amazed by new technology: 'Is this club on the list?'"

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Tiger Woods amazed by new technology: 'Is this club on the list?'"
Tiger Woods amazed by new technology: 'Is this club on the list?'"

Tiger Woods, regardless of the fact that he is currently absent from the field, is still active on the golf scene. TaylorMade's Stealth driver is a real refresh on the golf scene. New technology enables many things. Many expect the company to make a big deal with the Stealth driver.

Keith Sbarbaro, TaylorMade's VP of Tour Operations, emphasized that the company is trying to improve things. Some players may have problems with it, but Woods is one of the first to try the new technology. Strange, because otherwise, he is not a fan of new things.

“The transition into Stealth this year has been seamless for everyone on our staff,” Sbarbaro told GOLF.com. “Guys have loved it. For whatever reason, guys struggled a bit more last season to get into SIM2.

It’s not easy to convert all of these top players into the new stuff every year — and it’s like that for every company. Some guys are driving it great, so it’s tough to want to change. But with Stealth, everyone made the jump without hesitation.

That included Tiger”.

Tiger Woods: He hit it for 10 minutes

Tiger Woods is not a big fan of new things and seems to belong to the 'old school' This time he did not hesitate and accepted to try new things. Looks like it was a great decision for him.

Woods remained satisfied with what he had available. Truly TaylorMade is doing great things and influencing the great progress of golf. “I remember he hit it for 10 minutes on the range [at the Father/Son Challenge] and was sold almost immediately,” Sbarbaro said.

“It was hitting all of his windows and had the control. We had sent him a Stealth in advance and he’s hitting it on the range on Monday [at the Father/Son Challenge] and asks, ‘Is this club on the list?'” Tiger Woods is currently recovering from an injury and we hope for his return as soon as possible.

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