Billy Horschel: They say; ‘I’ll see you on Tour again.’ I said, ‘No you won’t.'”

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Billy Horschel: They say; ‘I’ll see you on Tour again.’ I said, ‘No you won’t.'”

Billy Horschel is persistent in his criticism of LIV Golfers. From the very beginning of the LIV Golf story, Horschel emphasized that this was a bad thing. However, after the lawsuit filed by LIV Golfers with the aim of returning to the PGA, Billy reacted even more strongly.

"I’ve said to some of the guys personally, I think they’ve been brainwashed,” Horschel said Wednesday during an appearance on Golf Channel, as quoted by nypost. “The way they feel so adamant that they’re going to be back on the PGA Tour.

I’ve had some of them tell me, ‘I’ll see you on Tour again.’ I said, ‘No you won’t.' ”

Billy Horschel on LIV Golfers: I’ve been really frustrated

Horschel is especially frustrated by the fact that individuals lie, manipulate and use various methods to hide the true goals of their decisions.

“I’ve been really frustrated by it because there’s a lot of guys that are hypocrites, that aren’t telling the truth, that are lying about some things, and I just can’t stand to sit here anymore and be diplomatic about it as I have been in the past,” Horschel said ahead of last month’s Scottish Open."

Horschel has nothing against their decision to play at LIV Golf, but he is nervous about the fact that most of them called out Jay Monahan, commissioner of the PGA Tour. Many of them were created by the PGA Tour and had the best days of their careers there, but for some, loyalty is not in the first place.

“I don’t fault anyone for going to play the LIV tour. I don’t have any ill will for anyone going to play the LIV tour. I have ill will toward comments that they’ve made, comments saying that [PGA Tour commissioner] Jay Monahan doesn’t listen, the PGA Tour doesn’t listen to us”.