Greg Norman: One thing keeps me up at night

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Greg Norman: One thing keeps me up at night

Greg Norman made a decision that he knew would cause many reactions. A few months ago, he became the CEO of Liv Golf. Of course, as he could have guessed, a barrage of criticism came his way. Norman manages to resist all attacks and is still focused on himself and on the success he wants to achieve with LIV Golf.

In a recent interview with Forbers, Norman revealed that he has one concern. "I don’t wake up with any fear about what LIV is and where LIV’s going to go because LIV is the future of golf," he told Forbes Magazine.

"What I do wake up in the nighttime: worrying about how the players have been treated. Simple as that."


Although at the beginning it looked like most golfers didn't even want to think about LIV Golf, it turned out that many of them chose LIV Golf.

But it doesn't end there. Norman confirmed that he is still getting calls from the top 40 players who want to be part of the LIV Golf story . For some, it is too late now, but we will see if things will change in the coming period.

“It’s interesting, we’re still getting calls from agents of top-40 players in the world wanting to join LIV but it’s too late now," he said. "What it tells me though, is what we’re doing is very appealing to the world’s best players”.

"There will be more player announcements before [the FedEx Cup Playoffs]. But we’re set on the maximum amount of players. LIV Golf does not give up on its goals and they believe in success. The PGA Tour and others are against them, there is a huge pressure on them, but it is obvious that they want to beat the competition and be at the very top of golf.