Famous golfer on the comical situation with Tiger Woods: Woods must have been shocked

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Famous golfer on the comical situation with Tiger Woods: Woods must have been shocked

Scottish pro-Richie Ramsay recalled an interesting anecdote from his playing days. In an interview with the Life on Tour Podcast, Ramsay talked about a situation from the US Open in 2007 in which he, Geoff Ogilvy, and Tiger Woods were the main actors.

Ramsay had an interesting experience. “I was playing with Ogilvy and Tiger at Oakmont. Playing with Tiger, I’d never even seen the guy in real lift before,” he said. “It was pretty daunting. There’s a walk through to the 11th tee and it’s a 200-yard walk through trees."

I’m lagging behind, I’ve made double bogey. My caddie has gone ahead of me and I’m swinging the putter, and I thought ‘this is not a good idea because I've got the putter in my hand and I feel like I just want to throw it away’."

There’s a portaloo halfway down the walkway and there’s nobody there, and I just rattled this portaloo with the putter and keep walking." However, Ramsay noticed that Tiger Woods was not present. He was aware of what it was about “As I walk up to the tee I look up.

I can see Squirrell, who’s Geoff Ogilvy’s caddie, Geoff Ogilvy, Steve Williams, my caddie and no Tiger Woods. I’m like ‘oh f***’. So he comes up and just looks up and I’m at the back trying to hide behind my caddie, because I’ve absolutely rattled this portaloo and he’s been inside.

He must have got the shock of his life”.

Tiger Woods and LIV Golf

Really comical situation. Now about more serious topics. Tiger Woods was recently accused by LIV Golf of influencing young players not to be a part of LIV Golf.

Let's recall Woods' statement regarding LIV Golf. "I disagree with those who have gone to LIV, I think they have turned their back on what allowed them to get to this position. Some players have never had a chance to even experience playing on one of the tours.

They have gone right from the amateur ranks to that organisation and never really had a chance to feel what it is like to play a schedule or play in big events. Some of these players may never even get a chance to play in major championships.

That is a possibility. They will never get a chance to experience this right here. Walk down the fairways at Augusta National”.