Carnoustie, Albert Hansson of Sweden won

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Carnoustie, Albert Hansson of Sweden won
Carnoustie, Albert Hansson of Sweden won

Albert Hansson of Sweden and Lottie Woad of England have won the Boys Amateur Championship and The R&A Girls Amateur Championship respectively.

Albert Hansson and Lottie Woad, results

In the men's tournament, held in Carnoustie in Scotland, Hansson beat compatriot Didrik Ringvall Bengtsson 2/1 in the final on 36 holes.

The best of the Azzurri was Eugenio Bernardi who reached the quarterfinals where he gave way to the English Morgan Blythe only after an extra hole. Previously he had eliminated the Irish Morgan O'Sullivan (in the 20th place), the English Ashley Millington (3/2) and the Swede Wilmer Edero (3/2).

He left Filippo Ponzano beaten 2/1 by Ringvall Bengtsson in the third round, after beating Scottish Harry Bent (4/2) and English John Berry (2 up). They came out in the first round: Giovanni Binaghi (1 up from the Spanish Jaime Montojo Fernandez), Marco Florioli (5/4 from the Scottish Ross Laird), Luca Memeo (in the 21st from the Scottish Cormac Sharpe) and Flavio Michetti (in the 19th from Ashley Millington) In the qualification on 36 medal holes, with 252 competitors at the start and which took place on the two tracks of the Panmure Golf Club (par 70) and the Monifieth Golf Links (par 71), Florioli ranked second with 138 (70 68, - 3) behind the Spanish Siyan Jorge Hao (137 - 68 69, -4).

The other five Italians who had access to match play were thus classified: Michetti sixth with 139 (75 64, -2), Ponzano 15th with 140 (70 70, -1), Memeo 19th himself 140 (70 70) , Bernardi 38th with 143 (73 70, +2) and Binaghi 56th with 144 (74 70, +3).

Pietro Guido Fenoglio (146, +5), Tommaso Rossin, Pietro Boeris and Andrea Biagio Gagliardi (147, +6), Michele Ferrero (151, +10), Francesco Attili came out at the cut, falling to 145 (+4) (155, +14), Neri Checcucci (156, +15) and Andrea Zancolò (163, +22).

The Azzurri were accompanied by Alberto Binaghi, Technical Commissioner of the Male Amateur National Team, and by Giovanni Gaudioso, Deputy Technical Commissioner. In The R&A Girls' Amateur Championship, held at the Carnoustie Golf Links in Carnoustie in Scotland, Lottie Woad literally overwhelmed the Spanish Cayetana Fernandez Garcia-Poggio for 7/6.

Three blues made it to match play, but came out in the first round: Francesca Fiorellini (2 up from the Spanish Julia Sanchez Morales), Giulia Bellini (5/3 from the Thai Eila Galitsky) and Rebecca Galasso (3/2 from the Indian Avani Prashanth ).

In the qualification on 36 medal holes, in which the Spanish Paula Martin Sampedro won with 140 (69 71, -2), the three Italians had access to the next phase with these positions: Francesca Fiorellini 17th with 150 (72 78 , +8), Rebecca Galasso 51st with 156 (77 79, +14) and Giulia Bellini 52nd again with 156 (77 79).

They did not pass the cut, fell to 157 (+15) Cristina Albertazzi and Lorena Rossettin (158, +16), Marta Spiazzi (159, +17), Ginevra Coppa (161, +19), Diana Maria Casartelli (168, + 26) and Noa Zocco (171, +29). The blues had the support of the Federal Coach Roberto Recchione and the teammate Stefano Sardi.