Fred Couples on LIV Golfers: To me it’s comical, it’s really comical

“All these guys think they’re changing the game"

by Sead Dedovic
Fred Couples on LIV Golfers: To me it’s comical, it’s really comical

LIV Golf tries to continue with the same plan and program. The leaders of this tour want to be the biggest on the golf scene, but they will have many obstacles on their way to that. Players who are part of LIV Golf are under various criticisms.

Their attitude towards the PGA Tour, their attitude towards what they have been a part of for many years, is the biggest reason why they are under criticism. Fred Couples is one of those who do not support LIV Golf. He also explained why: “All these guys think they’re changing the game and to me it’s comical, it’s really comical,” Couples said. “To have music on every tee and have people drinking beers and think that’s cool.

I never thought the cast and crew that would do that would be the guys doing it. And I have a funny feeling I know where it’s coming and it’s coming from their leader, who no one’s liked for 25 years. And that’s not being mean, that’s just — that’s the truth.

He’s not a friend of mine, but he never would be because we don’t get along. But he’s running a tour that he thinks is incredible”.


After a lawsuit filed by LIV Golfers against the PGA Tour, Judge Freeman rejected their appeal and explained why: “The evidence shows almost without a doubt they will be earning more than they would have made and could have reasonably been expected to make in a reasonable period of time under the tournaments,” Freeman said.

The LIV spokesperson is saddened by this decision; “We’re disappointed that Talor Gooch, Hudson Swafford and Matt Jones won’t be allowed to play golf. No one gains by banning golfers from playing”. The conflict on the PGA Tour-LIV Golf side will continue for a long time!

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