Will Zalatoris: NBA star's statement motivated me to win!

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Will Zalatoris: NBA star's statement motivated me to win!

Will Zalatoris succeeded in his goal; He won his first PGA Tour title. Zalatoris was better than Sepp Straka and showed that he has a great future. Now we will go to the other side, and you will find out why; NBA star Stephen Cury said after winning 4 NBA titles and first NBA Finals MVP; "What are they gonna say now?" This was precisely the motive for Zalatoris.

He wanted to silence critics and all those who doubt him. Zalatoris also emphasized that he is a big fan of the Warriors and Stephen Cury “You know, I'm a big Warriors fan and obviously Steph, he's a Cal club guy, he's a pretty big inspiration obviously,” Zalatoris said. “I follow the Warriors like crazy and when he said that, it kind of related to kind of my journey so far."

For athletes, they say that the worst thing is when you provoke them and provoke anger in them. Maybe they just provoked Zalatoris to show his full potential. "So being that close and then kind of being written off here and there and then obviously finally pulling it off, it was – I actually can't believe I said that.

At least it wasn't something worse”.

Will Zalatoris on impressions

After the victory, it was as if a stone fell from his back. He put in a lot of effort to achieve this result. There was also a lot of pressure on him, but he showed that he knows how to deal with it.

They predict a great career and great results for Zalatoris. It's not surprising, given the talent he possesses. "It's kind of hard to say 'about time' when you're in your second year on Tour but [it's] about time," Zalatoris said.

"Considering all the close finishes that I've had this year, to finally pull it off means a lot."