Callaway is fully renewed with a range to try

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Callaway is fully renewed with a range to try

Callaway Golf, one of the world's leading golf equipment manufacturers, officially announced its new Rogue ST family of drivers, woods, irons and hybrids last January. Present on the market since about mid-February, some of these products have already established themselves as the 'must have' in the bag to deal with some particularly disadvantageous situations.

Obviously, at the base of the Rogue ST line there is a marked improvement in the performance of the previous lines, with ball flight, control and feeling greatly increased for both hcp bass and beginners.

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Rogue ST woods Most notably, the 2022 Fairways Woods feature new Batwing technology and a completely redesigned AI jailbreak system.

Here is a rundown of all the technology contained in the new woods launched in January which include the ST Max, ST Max D and ST LS ST Jailbreak: Two jailbreak batwings are pushed to the perimeter, providing rigidity and allowing the face to flex to ensure fast ball speeds.

Tungsten Speed ​​Cartridge: Incorporating up to 27g of high density tungsten, the center of gravity (Core Gravity) is pushed down and forward to provide less spin with higher ball speed TO THE. face: the brand new face optimization with artificial intelligence aims to improve speed, throw and rotation, with a club face that is fully customized for each model and loft.
High Strength Face Cup: C300 maraging steel is specially treated through a Callaway proprietary process for high strength and flexibility, while the Flash Face Cup is designed to offer greater speed and consistency of rotation across the face.

For Callaway, the Rogue ST Max is the fastest wood ever and boasts an all-new Tungsten Speed ​​cartridge, a new Jailbreak ST and an AI-designed Flash Face, all designed to provide maximum speed and forgiveness. The ST Max is a product with an intermediate ball flight with a particular draw bias, useful for all golfers looking to get the ball rolling as much as possible.

Models from 3W to 11W. The Rogue ST Max D is Callaway's first fairway wood specially designed for drawing and is the wood with the highest ball throw of all those in the range. This uses a slightly closed face, a more upright lie, and additional heel weight to promote a right-to-left (for right-handed) curvature.

Billed as the company's fastest fairway wood in a compact form for players, the Rogue ST LS model features a deeper face with a compact footprint suitable for top players. The 28g Tungsten Speed ​​Cartridge and forward weight screw push the CG forward for low spin effects, while the face shape and profile make it the company's most easily fadeable fairway wood.