Twitter clash between two golf legends: Go f*** yourself Dan Hicks

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Twitter clash between two golf legends: Go f*** yourself Dan Hicks

An interesting situation happened in the final round of the FedEx St. Jude Championship. Scott Fawcett, who has been working with Will Zalatoris for many years, became nervous. The reason for this was the broadcaster's criticizing comments directed at Zallatoris.

One of those who reacted was Justin Thomas. He posted on Twitter: “Hey Scott. Twitter saw your incredibly egregious and aggressive tweets. Congrats on your ‘win’ but show some class and respect if you are as professional as you claim to be.

Giving other coaches and those involved in golf a really bad look. Nobody likes a sore winner,” Thomas wrote. And here's what Fawcett's tweets looked like; “I really do try to bite my tongue with the commentators… But go f–k yourself Dan Hicks!!!!!” Fawcett wrote, and after that he deleted the post.

“Putter was wobbly earlier this year. You have no idea what the truth is. F–k face. Sit in the booth. (Yes this is a joke, but there’s always truth in comedy ;)” But that's not the only tweet. After that, he posted: “Uh oh.

And again, F–K YOU DAN,” Fawcett wrote. “This wouldn’t be a gift, Will has the best speed control on tour so he f–king earned it you d–k”.

Twitter conflicts

Faxon replied: “You should delete that tweet,” Faxon tweeted at Fawcett.

“[Hicks is] as good as there is whether you agree or disagree with what he said”. However, Fawcett did not stop there. He also reacted to a Twitter post by Justin Thomas. “Nice to hop on the bully train without the entire background…love it!

I can assure you Brad has his hand in this…have a day, JT,” Fawcett wrote. “Haha Scott I had another player on Tour send me it,” Thomas responded. “Fax and I do not text. Had nothing to do with it.

Enjoy your victory”. Fawcett replied: “Fair enough…I can’t get out of my echo chamber to realize they were all mad I said what I said…and, as you know, I didn’t win anything. I’m just here doing what I do. ;)”. Interesting arguments in any case..