Will Zalatoris on hilarious conversation with his fiancee: 'She asked me what my.."

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Will Zalatoris on hilarious conversation with his fiancee: 'She asked me what my.."

Will Zalatoris achieved his goal and won his first PGA title. Sepp Straka was not good enough and in the end, Zalatoris deservedly won. What is interesting is the conversation between Zalatoris and his fiancee, back on Thursday when Zalatoris played the first round.

“I kind of had a hilarious conversation with my fiancée about it because she asked me on Thursday night what my plans were if I didn’t make the weekend,” he said, as quoted by Golf.com, and added, “She meant that in all good fun”.

Zalatoris gave her an interesting answer: “I told her let’s cross that bridge when we get there,” Zalatoris said.

Will Zalatoris and his caddy

After parting ways with his longtime caddy, his new caddy is Joel Stock.

Zallatoris also talked about the relationship they have and really the two of them could be a great tandem for the future. “You know, I think it was honestly just we’re still trying to figure each other out a little bit,” Zalatoris said.

“Typically a really good green reader, but it think it’s — you know, we haven’t really had different reads on any putts so far; it’s really just been having the confirmation that we got the right read and if it goes in, it goes in, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

But I think the confirmation part is the part that’s really helped”. Zallatoris could not hide his happiness after the victory, and this result is what he needed. Now Zalatoris has a much easier job ahead of him and he can enter the next matches much more relaxed.

"It's kind of hard to say 'about time' when you're in your second year on Tour but [it's] about time," Zalatoris said. "Considering all the close finishes that I've had this year, to finally pull it off means a lot."