Skafto Open 2022, LET e EDGA are together

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Skafto Open 2022, LET e EDGA are together

The Didrikson Skaftö Open 2022, an event of the Ladies European Tour to be held in Sweden on the small island of Skaftö from 26 to 28 August, will host a tournament for golfers with disabilities organized together with EDGA.

Didrikson Skaftö Open 2022, schedule

On Saturday and Sunday four golfers and four golfers, selected from among the best amateurs of the EDGA circuit, will open the competition, before the competition of the LET professionals.

Among the professionals competing in Sweden, there will also be English Alice Hewson, EDGA ambassador. "It is fantastic to be able to see golfers and disabled golfers playing on our beautiful course. We think it adds a lot to our competition and we are very happy that this is happening in Sweden” said tournament organizer Reine Patriksson.

These are the EDGA players who will participate: Jennifer Sraga, Daphne van Houten, Mette Wegge Lynggaard, Aimi Bullock, Felix Norrman, Marcus Malo, Rasmus Lia, Joakim Bjorkman. Women's golf in Europe depopulated only some time after the creation of the LPGA in the United States of America.

In 1978 the Women's Professional Golfers 'Association (or simply WPGA) was founded, underlying the largest Professional Golfers' Association operating in the UK. The following year a tour was set up with Carlsberg as main sponsor and comprising 12 tournaments (36 holes), including the Women's British Open.

For his first two seasons the Tour's fields were rated for 36 shots, then increased to 54; the prize pool also increased, going from the initial 80,000 pounds to 250,000 in 1981, at the cost, however, of the loss of major tournaments and sponsorships.

At the end of the 1981 season the collaboration with Carlsberg ended, [5] and despite an initial optimism, the Ladies European Tour experienced a period of crisis that culminated in the cancellation of further stages. In the second half of the 1980s the circuit found itself with only 10 tournaments left and its future was questioned.

To overcome the crisis and its now poor visibility, in 1988 the main members of the management decided to create an independent body, the Women Professional Golfers' European Tour Limited: the new entity then changed its headquarters, moving from The Belfry (shared with the PGA) at the Tytherington Club in Cheshire.

In 1998 the Tour took the name of European Ladies' Professional Golf Association Limited and then Ladies European Tour Limited in July 2000. In 2008 the organ changed headquarters again, this time settling at Buckinghamshire Golf Club, near London.

[ 8] In 2010 the Tour announced the creation of the LET Access Series (LETAS), its official development circuit. In January 2020 the Ladies European Tour entered into a joint venture with the LPGA Tour, with the aim of further growing women's professional golf around the world: the Ladies European Golf Venture Limited became the central body of the board of directors and was flanked by representatives of other realities such as LPGA Tour, PGA European Tour and The R&A.