Max Homa: "If I had to write a letter to my younger self, I would say.."

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Max Homa: "If I had to write a letter to my younger self, I would say.."

Max Homa is one of the golfers who made the greatest progress. He has achieved great success in a short time and hopes to continue at the same pace. “I think appreciate that’s good, but you appreciate that too long and you might get a little bit complacent and I’ve been just trying to go with the flow,” Homa said Wednesday in Napa, as quoted by “My goal in this game has always been just to progress and whether I'm 22 in the world or hopefully 1 in the world one day."

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup remains his big wish. "As great as my game has felt and as great as my season was last season and as cool as it is to play a Presidents Cup, I'd like to play the Ryder Cup next year,” he said, “I'd like to not need a pick, a captain's pick, all those things, you always have so much more to work for."

Homa has shown many times how motivated and eager he is to be the best he can be. “I got to the Tour Championship three weeks ago and my coach, Mark [Blackburn], asked me … does it feel as good as I thought it would feel because it took me eight [years] to make it there.

I said, ‘actually, it doesn't feel as good as I thought it would because now I'm bummed that I was like 16th going in there.’ I was like maybe that's the beauty of this is that there's always something else to kind of push for”.

He revealed what message he would send to his 'younger self' “If I had to write a letter to myself then and say you're going to make a Presidents Cup team, that would have been like almost unthinkable, but the beauty of this game is that you go one shot at a time, one range ball at a time, and you add up, I don't know, almost like a million golf balls I've hit since then and you can quantify it and you can say, dang, like I made this,” he said.