Rich Beem angry about golf rules: "I mean, 20 years ago, you couldn't imagine..."


Rich Beem angry about golf rules: "I mean, 20 years ago, you couldn't imagine..."

Rich Beem is not happy with the current situation on the golf scene and the rules that exist. Beem wants certain things to be changed and adjusted. “The only reason I think there’s a problem with distance in golf is they’re building these golf courses longer and longer and that takes away from the uniqueness of each and every golf course,” he said speaking to NCG, as quoted by “But it’s also more time, money, gasoline, water, and resources to have to upkeep.

If the amateurs were getting that much longer that would be one thing, but the professionals are getting longer and longer. There’s room for them to do something differently – whether it’s changing the ball, changing the size of the clubhead, the spring-like effect.

Most people aren’t with me on this, but I think there needs to be two separate rules. There needs to be rules for professionals and rules for amateurs. If you look at a lot of the sports in the US: there are different rules for college football, different rules for college baseball, different rules for college basketball.

Amateur sports historically have a different set of rules from major sports that I see.
I don’t know how it is over here with cricket, rugby, or football, but it’s different in the US and I just don’t understand why we think that we need to have one set of rules because it’s been that like forever.

Well, it’s time to change things. I think there needs to be a different set of rules and one of the biggest rules changes has to be with the equipment”.

Rich Beem is frustrated

Rich Beem is frustrated by what is happening, and certain things seem unimaginable to him.

It is difficult to assess whether there may be changes, but it seems that the chances of such a thing are small. “I mean, 20 years ago, you couldn’t imagine playing a golf course that was barely over 7,300 yards.

Now, you can’t get to a professional event without it being over 7,500 yards – it seems like. It’s just bigger venues and it takes a lot more time to play. It’s exhausting. When you walk off a tee and then you have to walk back 100 yards to get to the next tee box, where historically it was right there, there’s something wrong with the game. Walking backwards to the tee is just the worst thing in golf”.