Bryson DeChambeau: I thank Tiger Woods for 'creating' LIV Golf

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Bryson DeChambeau: I thank Tiger Woods for 'creating' LIV Golf

Bryson DeChambeau is just one of several golf stars to join LIV Golf. His departure to the tournament supported by Saudi Arabia did not cause positive reactions. DeChambeau is happy about the new challenge in his career and hopes for good results.

What surprised many was that Bryson thanked Woods. “I have no buyer’s remorse,” he said, as quoted by “I have ultimate respect for the PGA Tour and what they’ve done for my career, as I’ve said it from day one, and they’ve allowed me this opportunity.

I have to look back and thank Tiger for this opportunity because he’s the one that’s ultimately created this”.

Ryder Cup and President Cup

The Ryder Cup and President Cup have banned LIV Golfers from being part of the competition.

This caused numerous reactions and indignation on the part of LIV Golfers, but things will not change for now. DeChambeau believes that the Ryder Cup and the President's Cup are making a big mistake. “I personally think that the team events are only hurting themselves by not allowing us to play, not allowing us to qualify through some capacity, in some facet,” Bryson DeChambeau said before the LIV event in Chicago.

Everyone joined the fight against LIV Golf, and they want such a competition to disappear. That option is unrealistic at the moment, but many don't give up and don't want things like this in golf. “I would say, from a team aspect, it is sad that those governing bodies have not allowed us to be able to qualify.

That’s all I can say to that. I want to play in numerous events on the PGA Tour. It would be awesome. That’s what LIV Golf has tried to -- they have allowed us to play on the PGA Tour. It’s the PGA Tour barring us from doing so. ”