Tiger Woods' longtime friend: "Don't bet against him breaking.."

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Tiger Woods' longtime friend: "Don't bet against him breaking.."

Golf without Tiger Woods isn't as much fun as it is when he's around. The injuries he is having problems with have taken him off the golf course. The question is when he will return and whether he will be ready enough.

There are many who are pessimistic and do not expect an early return, but his long-time friend, Notah Begay, is convinced of Woods' return and is well acquainted with the character of this great golfer. "Based on level of discomfort, I would say he’s putting in an hour to two hours (of practice) still," he said for golfweek.

"That guy has got a high level of pain tolerance. He’s pushing it. He wants to play again. Don’t bet against him breaking that win record at some point down the road." Tiger Woods is one of the biggest names in the world of sports and his word means a lot.

Golfweek reporters asked Begay if Woods deserves to be a part of 'elevated events?' "I think he should be allowed anywhere he wants. I think there’s got to be some sort of provision; anybody that’s made over a hundred million – he should have his own category."

Tiger Woods and his impact

Woods had a great influence on the promotion of golf. His talent, quality, and charisma attracted a large number of fans. Precisely because of this, many expect that Woods will be one of the key people in the fight against LIV Golf, but not only there.

Woods should continue to work on the promotion of golf and the evolution of this sport. "In terms of what he’s done for the Tour economically over the last 30 years and then just sort of as a de facto spokesperson now for what’s happening, he should be able to access those events, and I promise you, there won’t be one player in the PGA Tour system that would say anything about it."