Justin Thomas on LIV Golfers and OWGR: That's their own fault

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Justin Thomas on LIV Golfers and OWGR: That's their own fault
Justin Thomas on LIV Golfers and OWGR: That's their own fault (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Justin Thomas does not support LIV Golfers and the fact that they are fighting for World Ranking Points "I don't understand," Thomas said, as quoted by yardbarker. "It's very obvious and written right there in front of them.

They just naturally want what's best for them, just like the decision they made to go there." Justin Thomas believes that they are to blame for what they did and that there must be consequences for their actions. "Hey, if I was doing the same situation, I would want it, but that doesn't necessarily make it right," Thomas said. "The governing bodies have created a system for a reason, and that's to try to create the best system possible to determine the best players in the world.

Is it going to be skewed because some of the top players aren't going to be in there? Yes. But that's their own fault for making the decision they made, and they knew very, very well going into it there's a good chance they won't have World Ranking points, and they took that risk.

In my opinion, that's their own fault."

Billy Horschel on LIV Golfers

Billy Horschel also does not support LIV Golfers. "They knew when they signed that contract and took all that money what could come in the future for them," Horschel said.

"They had to weigh those decisions and what the outcome could be by going there and the things they may not get in the future. They made that decision to sign the contract and take the money." Max Homa has a different opinion than most.

He believes they deserve to be part of the OWGR "To my eye, it seems like they should get World Ranking points," he said. "It seems like if 48 great golfers play in tournaments, week in and week out, to my eye, (they) should get points. But there is a criteria."

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