Max Homa on LIV Golf: It seems like they should get World Ranking points

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Max Homa on LIV Golf: It seems like they should get World Ranking points

Max Homa is ready for the Presidents Cup. He is eager to prove himself and much is expected of him and his team. One of the main topics in the world of golf is the request of LIV Golfers for LIV Golf to be granted with the Official World Golf Ranking.

Max Homa also had something to say on this topic, and he believes that all decisions are up to OWGR. “I think it's up to the OWGR. I don't think it's up to an opinion. I was thinking about this the other day.

If us four went out, and we're four very good golfers, we went out and played, that's four great golfers. We've got 48 of them in my home club, and I put on a golf tournament, do we get World Ranking points?"- he said, as quoted by

Max Homa on OWGR

However, Max Homa supports the decision to grant LIV Golf World Ranking Points.

Of course, that would bring a lot of bad things to the PGA Tour, but the fight will not stop. “If the OWGR decides they get World Ranking points that's great. I have no problem with them getting ranking points. To my eye, it seems like they should get World Ranking points.

You can't just say we should get them. You can't just say, as I read on Instagram, the number one and two best players in the world competed against each other, great. That's what the thing's for”.
If OWGR is not applied, it would mean a big drop for some players in the ranking list.

"I get to hang out with Jordan [Spieth] and Scottie [Scheffler] and Justin [Thomas] and Sam [Burns] and all the guys, you know. Kind of brings me back to what you should be doing. I'm still very happy about what happened on Sunday, but I'm very much engulfed in what we're doing”.