International team captain Trevor Immelman on the omission of Louis Oosthuizen

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International team captain Trevor Immelman on the omission of Louis Oosthuizen

International team captain Trevor Immelman decided to comment on the absence of Louis Oosthuizen, who will not be part of the Presidents Cup due to his previous decision to join LIV Golf. "My understanding is that he made particular announcements and allowed himself to be used in different marketing campaigns and announcements once he was not given the release from the PGA Tour, and he did all of those things before he resigned his membership.

So there were still particular infractions there”. - Immelman said, as quoted by Oosthuizen was surprised by the decision, and recently reacted to it; “I thought by resigning my membership before I did anything wrong really...

there's no rule that says I need to be a PGA Tour member to play the Presidents Cup, especially as an International team player”.

Trevor Immelman explains

Immelman emphasized that the golfers were aware of the consequences that would follow if they joined LIV Golf.

Some seemed to be skeptical and did not believe that it could really come to that. Now the LIV Golfers will suffer for their decisions. “Every single player that I spoke to from early on in this process knew exactly what the situation and the consequences were going to be.

They knew that if they made certain decisions, it was going to be highly unlikely they were going to be able to represent the International team. That went into their decision-making process. All the cards were out on the table, and everybody knew where they stood”.

Oosthuizen had a great desire to play together with the captain and had only words of praise for Immelman. "I feel the most bad for Trev,' said Oosthuizen. "Trevor's a good friend. We text each other. He knew my decision beforehand.

But still, it sucks. I wanted to play for him. He's going to be a great captain."