Victor Perez: "Cazoo Open, nice to be back"

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Victor Perez: "Cazoo Open, nice to be back"
Victor Perez: "Cazoo Open, nice to be back"

Only third in Italy last weekend, the current 90th player in the world arrives at the fully inflated Golf National. 16th here on the Albatross in 2019, the Tarbais based in Scotland may be the pleasant surprise of the tricolor clan, which is still waiting for a successor to Thomas Levet who won in 2011.

Victor Perez, statements

“I feel very good here at Le Golf National. I think it's going to be a good week. Normally, we should have good weather on all four laps, which makes things more pleasant, with a course that remains as it is but with a little less rough.

But it's still a difficult course where we know that a lot can happen, especially on the last four holes which have written a bit of the history of the place". “Beyond that, it's nice to be back here. The last two editions have been canceled due to Covid.

I had good memories of 2019 (Editor's note, 16th with only one card over par) which had been one of the first tournaments just after my victory on the Tour (at Dunhill Links). It's nice to also come back on a date, let's say a little more pleasant.

We are still in September, the weather is nice, the course is in good condition. I think the show will be there". "It's a course I know well. We often played here during the Youth Championships, at 12, 13, 14 years old... I have a lot of memories here, places that we know very well.

The course is what it is, it is clearly difficult, even if I repeat myself, the rough is perhaps less present than during the Rolex Series years (2017, 2018). But it’s still a big challenge…” “Even if the playing conditions and the course are different, we always try to remember the things that worked well.

We can rely on all these good feelings to better approach the next tournament. And it's good that it's the French Open. It’s always good to arrive in good shape, with a good influx…” “No one will put more pressure on me than myself.

It's up to me to play my game and see how it goes. But in any case, I did not set myself a goal. Besides, I rarely set myself a goal…” "I've already been told, it's true... Even if last year, it wasn't great at the end of the year...

I don't try too hard to tell myself that in October I better results and that in March I play less well… I try above all to ride the wave when it is favorable, regardless of the season…” “I will be at Dunhill next week.

It will be my fourth tournament in a row… I will see how the end of the season will have to be managed. We know that the 2023 season starts the week after the final in Dubai. We will try to find a happy medium, wait to see how these next two tournaments will go and get a point in the process".