Trevor Immelman: "I think we're going to have to find a way of.."

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Trevor Immelman: "I think we're going to have to find a way of.."

Team USA showed quality and achieved the expected result. They took a 4-1 lead over the International Team in the opening session. USA captain Davis Love III is happy with his team's performance. It is clear that they are the absolute favorites and that they have enormous quality, but Love III has repeatedly warned that one should not underestimate the opponent.

And this time he doesn't want to get carried away and believes that the International team will try to come back. "We had some matches where we rolling and the guys played great and some matches where we ground it out," USA captain Davis Love III said for skysports.

"A great start, a lot of heart, but they're going to practice and get ready for the next session tomorrow."

Trevor Immelman

International team captain Trevor Immelman has no reason to be satisfied. He expects a much better performance from the team and it is difficult to predict what we can expect in the next session.

"We hung in there," Immelman said. "We got off to a real tough start and were behind the eight ball early. The Americans played some brilliant golf and I think we're going to have to find a way of making some putts over the next few days.

We'll hang in there and keep fighting - that's what we do." Now it remains for them to be focused on the next session and to give their maximum. It won't be easy, given the quality of the USA Team, but they don't want to give up.

LIV Golf spoiled their plans, considering that a large number of players decided to join the competition supported by Saudi Arabia, which meant that some players would not be part of the Presidents Cup Team. They will have to play with what they have. The USA Team, on the other hand, needs to be careful and focus on the next day.