Challenge, Jeong weon Ko close to first win

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Challenge, Jeong weon Ko close to first win

Caddeyed by his father, Jeong weon Ko is only 18 holes away from a first victory on the Challenge Tour. If he confirms on Sunday on the Golf Saint Apollinaire course, on the French side of the Franco-Swiss border, the player from Bussy-Guermantes will be certain to be qualified for the final of the Road To Mallorca and in a good position to complete the season.

in the top 20 of the overall Challenge Tour synonymous with access to the great European circuit.

Challenge Tour, Jeong weon Ko

The top 3 of the tournament did not move after the moving day. Jeong weon Ko, just like the Dane Martin Simonsen and the Englishman Ben Stow could not do better than a card in par.

The Habs alternated four birdies and as many bogeys this Saturday, allowing them to maintain a one-point lead over their first pursuer. Clément Sordet meanwhile signed a very solid 67 (-5). Six birdies against a bogey allowed the Lyonnais to grab 20 places and thus move up to fourth place, three points behind his compatriot.

The Challenge Tour is a golf tour organized by the organization PGA European Tour. It is on a par with the European Tour, and players who succeed qualify for it. Points are awarded to the world ranking in golf for good results in some of the tournaments on the Challenge tour.

The tour was introduced in 1986 and was originally called the Satellite Tour. The ranking was introduced in 1989, where the top five ranked players gained membership in the European Tour the following season. The following year, the tour was renamed the Challenge tour.

Until 1993 the ranking was based on the individual player's several best results, but since 1994 there has been a normal money ranking where all results count. In 2008, the total prize money was 6,017,393 Euro. Players with good results on the Challenge Tour qualify for membership on the European Tour the following season.

Those who are in the top 20 in the ranking are said to have obtained the European Tour card; but in reality the top 15 are qualified for the most tournaments, and the 16-20 a few fewer. But the categories are reordered halfway through the season.

The last 5 places were added in the 2005 season - previously only the top 15 qualified. Players who finish 21-45 can also qualify for some tournaments on the European Tour with lower prize money. Players who win three tournaments on the Challenge Tour in a season are transferred to the European Tour immediately in the same season.