Victor Dubuisson, mysterious injury in Paris

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Victor Dubuisson, mysterious injury in Paris

For the 4th time this season, Victor Dubuisson did not appear at the start of the 2nd round of the DP World Tour tournament. This time, it was to his public that he posed a rabbit this Friday at the Golf National. A bad habit that the European circuit cannot stop, which seems to have only an arsenal of fines in its regulations.

Insufficient to force the former French number 1 to respect the institution, its sport and its supporters. Hyper talented, the best French player in history in the world rankings when he had reached 15th place in the planetary hierarchy, Victor Dubuisson is considered by many to be a true “genius”.

At the start of the season, many of us were enthusiastic about his return to the fore when he won a sublime 4th place in Abu Dhabi in the first tournament of the year. A result that almost guaranteed him to finish the season in the points to keep his right to play on the DP World Tour next year.

But the Azurean remains a special case in the small world of golf. He only responds to French journalists sparingly since 2014. “Possibly the foreign press. " At the 2014 British Open in Liverpool, his coach Benoit Ducoulombier had to insist for a long time so that he finally addressed the journalists present.

"Go ahead, ask your shitty questions," he finally said. This week at the Golf National, Dubuisson greets from afar the people he has known since his brilliant amateur years but still avoids the microphones and cameras of Golf Planète and our colleagues.

Too bad, we would have liked to ask him about this mysterious illness which forces him to forfeit each time his first round does not go as planned and he is at the bottom of the ranking after 18 holes. In order not to sanction a player, the officials of the European Tour require a medical certificate in the weeks following the abandonment of the player.

Otherwise, Dubuisson and the others are liable to a fine, the amount of which increases as the unjustified fixed prices accumulate. So what about the reasons given by the Frenchman? "The DP World Tour does not communicate on fines", we were kindly told.

It is therefore impossible to know more. There remains the sad reality of the figures. This season, Dubuisson missed 8 cuts in 13 tournaments, 5 times he gave up. 4 times after the first round, 1 time after having managed to cross the cut at the Czech Masters.

60th after two laps, the Cannes native probably felt that he was not in good enough shape to achieve a better result and left the event. In 2021, Dubuisson played 19 tournaments, missing 10 cuts and 5 times he did not start the 2nd round.

Since his scratch at Saudi International on February 7, 2021, where he pocketed 5,100 euros, he has played 32 tournaments and missed 18 cuts. 9 were after abandonment. That's 50% of the time! This annoying tendency to let his partners finish the tournament in a game of two is not new.

Between 2011 and 2015, this happened to him once or twice a year maximum. But it has really been observable since 2016. It is indeed the 20th time in 94 tournaments that the Frenchman has disappeared before the cut. More than once in 5!

Even if the medical thing is not our field we can still risk a diagnosis to see him dragging his sentence on the course. Rare are the times when he smiles. He no longer enjoys it. Victor Dubuisson has pain in his golf. To him, playing golf seems like a chore, a job you drag your feet to.

In these conditions, when his chances of finishing high enough in the standings are minimal, he must certainly prefer to throw in the towel rather than inflict another ordeal on himself.