Jean-Baptiste Gonnet: "I feel I am at the end"

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Jean-Baptiste Gonnet: "I feel I am at the end"

Jean-Baptiste Gonnet crossed this week, on the occasion of the French Open, his fifth cut of the season on the DP World Tour. But the almost forty-year-old, who is divided between teaching and professional tournaments, admits having more and more difficulty in dealing with the constraints of life on the circuit.

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"It's funny, I didn't see you come to see me at the start of the week, I understood and there I play negative and here you are" smiled Jean-Baptiste Gonnet in the mixed zone after his first card of 69 (-2 ).

It is true that the 39-year-old from Cannes, who is taking part in his 11th Open de France, was not necessarily the gondola head of the tricolor contingent. Despite a card of 72 (+1) on Friday, Gonnet made his first cut at Guyancourt since 2010.

Reduced by back pain, the Frenchman recognizes that the flame which had allowed him to relaunch at the end of 2019 has died out. “I have had big problems with the face-off for a long time, I had a herniated disc in 2014 and physically I have trouble.

I make a technical foul that I can't resolve and I miss a lot of face-offs. That's also why I'm having trouble this season. But I held on well, I made a very good birdie at 14 then an excellent par at 18, I thought my iron shot was in the water.

I fought a lot and that's also why I take quite a bit of pleasure because I don't play very well. » This season, Jean-Baptiste Gonnet is in the hard. This cut is the 5th of the season in 11 tournaments and his best performance to date remains an anonymous 54th place in Spain in April.

"It's definitely good. But I'm having trouble, I'm frank, I'm not going to say that everything is fine, it's difficult, I feel that I'm at the end of the thing, I have more and more trouble, I have a big foot pain, I did two infiltrations.

I'm not saying it's over forever but maybe I need to take a step back, I don't know... Since all the time I've been playing this game, it weighs on me a bit, it's not not the end of the world either. I've been forcing myself for 2-3 years, but I haven't been in the mood for a very long time.

I regained a taste for gambling by going to cards but there I find myself for 2 years in the mood in which I was when I stopped in 2014, where I was fed up with travels... Maybe I see the half-empty glass is perhaps the accumulation of everything, even if I still like it.

At some point, you can't do it anymore, I'm not the only one, there are others..." You take pleasure when you have goals, unfortunately, apart from making the cut, I no longer have any like being in the world top 100 or winning tournaments
Anyone who concedes that it is almost impossible to succeed in dividing oneself between his academy at the Victoria Golf Club in Valbonne and his life as a pro on the tour is struggling to find objectives and the motivation that goes with it.

“I realize that it is not possible to do both. If you want to play well at this level, you have to be on top, you have to train, you have to do what the guys do. It's a bit hard to be the ass between two chairs. » On Saturday, Gonnet gave up all hope of doing better than his 25th place in 2007.

Rejected at the bottom of the classification after an 80 card punctuated by 4 double bogeys, he will appear on Sunday without a real goal. A new time. "You take pleasure when you have goals, unfortunately, apart from making the cut, I don't have any more.

Like being in the world top 100 or winning tournaments. These objectives, I have lost sight of them a little because I have more difficulty. It's a vicious circle: no goal, no motivation, without motivation you don't play well and when you don't play well it's hard to motivate yourself...

People have the impression that we're going to the beach, that we are on vacation every week, but it is mentally very exhausting, it is exhausting, exhausting, exhausting…”