Ryder Cup, dream of Rome is Tiger Woods

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Ryder Cup, dream of Rome is Tiger Woods

"We dream of Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup 2023. We have already tried to take him to the Italian Open and we will try again." The president of Federgolf, Franco Chimenti, and the general manager of the Ryder Cup project, Gian Paolo Montali, from Trento and on the occasion of the fifth edition of the Sport Festival, do not hide their ambitions.

Tiger Woods, Ryder Cup

The goal is to have Woods in the Eternal City, certainly for the great show that in a year will see the Europe team challenge the USA at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. "He was the only one I didn't want to play against, but I managed to beat Tiger", says Costantino Rocca, also one of the protagonists of the "Ryder Cup, the most beautiful golf there is" event, together with the trophy.

The first blue to play (in 1993) the most important match on the green, among the pioneers of the tricolor green, in 1997 the satisfaction of beating Woods in the single rose. In his eyes, still the emotions of the past. "The Ryder Cup is the most special event there can be.

Everyone would like to play it, few can do it. Money doesn't count there and being part of the Old Continent is something inexplicable. Towards the appointment in Rome, among the Azzurri, I see some who can play their cards ", the words of Rocca.

From Francesco Molinari, "who in 2018 lived it as a protagonist in his magical moment and who is showing signs of recovery", Chimenti underlines, to Guido Migliozzi. For the future and who knows if also for 2023, Chimenti focuses on Celli.

"In the past I said that the Molinari brothers would reach the top. I was not mistaken. Now I am sure that Celli will have a rosy future", explains figure 1. icon for many " Meanwhile, Montali recalls the upcoming events regarding the celebrations one year after the Ryder Cup, scheduled from 3 to 5 October 2022 in Rome.

First a show at Marco Simone with many young people and the captains of the two teams, Luke Donald for Europe and Zach Johnson for the USA. Then, a symbolic tee shot from the Temple of Venus (in front of the Colosseum), a postcard for Rome.

So a private audience with the Pope. The Eternal City prepares its show. "If we have earned the opportunity to host the Ryder Cup - concludes Chimenti - it is also and above all thanks to the inimitable charm of Rome"