Ryder Cup is in Trento for the Sport Festival

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Ryder Cup is in Trento for the Sport Festival

In Trento, in the fifth edition of the Sport Festival, at the MUSE, Museum of Sciences, the great protagonist - Sunday 25 September - was the Ryder Cup which in 2023, and for the first time in its history, will be played in Italy, in Rome on Marco Simone Golf & Country Club course.

Ryder Cup, Trento

"Ryder Cup, the most beautiful golf there is" This is the name of the event that saw as special guests: Franco Chimenti, President of the Italian Golf Federation; Gian Paolo Montali, General Manager of the Ryder Cup 2023 Project; Costantino Rocca, among the emblems of Italian golf which boasts three participations in the Ryder Cup (1993, 1995, 1997).

The debate was moderated by Matteo Dore, journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport. On stage, on display, the Ryder Cup trophy, increasingly a popular icon. With the Italian match between the Old Continent and the USA still missing, the third most important sporting event after the Olympics and the World Cup, the Ryder Cup is increasingly the protagonist.

From North to South, in the name of the Ryder Cup 2023 Project which sees the enhancement of the territory and golf tourism in the foreground. The city of Trento is located in the Adige river valley, about 150 km from the source of the river and 250 km from its mouth, 55 km south of Bolzano and 95 km north of Verona.

The city of Trento is located in the center of an urban area lying latitudinally between Mezzolombardo and Rovereto and extending east towards the Valsugana, as far as the municipality of Pergine. Trento has extreme territorial and population diversity.

The municipal population is not concentrated only in the city, but also in numerous scattered centers or suburbs, quite different from each other and which still retain their own urban, rural, rural or mountain identity. The ancient city has 80,000 inhabitants (October 2004).

The urban agglomeration with the neighboring municipalities reaches 150,000 inhabitants. Among the suburbs, the most populous one is Gardolo (district north of the city, 12,449 inhabitants). The least populated one is Sardagna (1 106 inhabitants).

Most of them are located on the Adige valley floor or on the hills east of the city, while the village of Sardagna is located to the west on a rocky level at 560 meters above sea level and is also connected to the valley floor by a small cable car; the Bondone villages are instead located between 490 m a.s.l.

of Vigolo Baselga and the 1 650 meters of Vason and are all part of the same municipal district. The vastness of the municipal area therefore leads to a population density not characteristic of compact cities with a high concentration of population (736 inhabitants / km² against, for example, 2,037 inhabitants / km² of Bolzano).

Trento maintains a very close link with the mountains; Paganella is to the north-west, Mount Calisio to the north-east, Marzola to the east, Vigolana to the south-east and Monte Bondone to the west, also called the "Alpe di Trento"

The latter, which largely falls within the municipal area, can be reached in a short time from the city center via the provincial road. At the Viote del Bondone basin it is possible to visit the alpine botanical garden and start the excursion to the Three Peaks of Bondone Integral Nature Reserve (Cornet, Dos d'Abramo and Cima Verde).