Jean Garaialde, even the teenagers know him


Jean Garaialde, even the teenagers know him

About thirty young pros, joined on occasion by the top-of-the-basket amateurs, are out from one week to the next, for a handful on the reference circuit in Europe and, for the others, on the secondary circuits whose tournaments contribute to their formation.

Jean Garaialde, story

Challenge Tour, Alps Tour, Pro Golf Tour, Swedish Golf Tour and the female LETAS are all short ladders, level by level, which can lead to the pre-square of the McIlroy & Co cadors, the summit of the DP World Tour, ex-European Tour.

Thus, the Langasque, Brun, Pavon are names that end up becoming familiar after long seasons of learning, of obscure results, of wanting to throw everything away, the most solid remaining on the track, sometimes with the help of tender soul or a persuasive and authoritative elder.

Thus, Jean Garaialde was able to keep us a certain Severiano Ballesteros, too eager to eat everything at 17, and so discouraged by his lack of convincing results. “Tranquilo Seve, tranquilo! Los altibajos son la vida!

". Jean Garaialde precisely, that those under twenty (at least) can know, will celebrate his 88 spring in a few days. This figure is almost identical to that of his victories, including the long-awaited French Open in 1969, a title won with forceps, decided in the playoff against Roberto de Vicenzo, one of the icons of world golf at the time, best known for the error made on his scorecard causing him to lose a Masters he would have won.

In his heyday, late 60s, Jean will add other titles in Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, winning the Volvo Swedish Open 1970, blowing his nose at Jack Nicklaus himself. The most remarkable thing is that at that time, he held the golf France house almost alone on his aura.

The European tour was in its infancy. No secondary circuits. But the Basque champion was persuasive enough to bring a large handful of young pros out of the pro-ams ensuring them a certain income to sharpen their talent on the tournaments officially set up in 1972 by an embryonic European Tour, where their remuneration does not was only a hope at best.

Thus, the Pascassio, Tapia, Alsuguren, Charpenel, Caussin, Darrieumerlou made a name for themselves, followed by the Cotton, Watine, the Léglise brothers, Brizon, Larretche... In 1975, Alain Quibeuf, the only one to pass the French Open cut, finished in 48th place, earning just 145 euros today.

In 1980, Garaialde, still at the start, earned 328 euros. He was still from the first foray of the French Open on the Albatross, surrounded by 26 pros. The Van de Velde generation began to fill the starting lists where he appeared until 1992, ensuring the weld at 58 years old.

Since then, Jean Garaialde has been delighted with the young victories won by Jean van de Velde in Europe, or those of Remésy and Levet at the “French Open” which today is under the control of the DP World Tour.

Happy to see French golf rubbing shoulders with the best, even surpassing them like the recent Perez in St Andrews or in the Netherlands, and Rozner in Dubai then in Qatar, he would not miss any of the major French golf events, being curious to everything.

Giving his appreciation on a thousand subjects, remaking the world with the old ones, available for the selfies of the juniors... But these days, he is not at the Golf National and his absence does not go unnoticed. The Basque Coast is not an immediate neighbor of the championship in Guyancourt.