Tiger Woods' son, a 68 and almost albatross

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Tiger Woods' son, a 68 and almost albatross

He is only 13 years old but, like his father, golf has been injected into his blood since he was very young. And that is why Charlie Woods is not taking long to leave the first pearls of what, who knows, could be an incipient career in the sport that Tiger, his father, took to another dimension.

Charlie Woods, results

The son of the Tiger seems a few steps above what corresponds to his age for swing and ability to sign low cards. The best of his career was signed on Sunday in the last round of the Notah Begay III National Junior Golf Championship, which was played at the Mission Inn Resort in Howey, Florida, not far from Juìter, where the Woods family has lived for years.

. He was a 4-under 68 with four birdies, an eagle and two bogeys. He even came close to scoring a spectacular albatross on the par 5 14th hole. His ball skidded off the edge of the hole. “When I hit the ball, I knew the impact was good.

He started rolling and I knew he was going to be close, but not that close,” he assured. It was a great recovery compared to Saturday, when he finished with 80 hits, eight over par, which helped him finish fourth in the 12 to 13-year-old category thanks to a cumulative 148 (+4).

Behind him was his father, acting as a caddy, taking advantage of the fact that he had no role beyond that of remote advisor in the Presidents Cup won on Sunday by the United States. “He told me to be patient and just play golf consistently.

Couldn't have done it without him. He guided me on the right path,” Charlie said of him. It is not the first time that Charlie and Tiger share a field. They have played the PNC Championship together a couple of times, a tournament that is played between relatives of great golfers, usually fathers and sons, and in which the Dalys, the Loves or the Thomases have also participated. In 2021 the Woods were second, two strokes behind the Dalys.