Troll attacks Paige Spiranac: "She belongs on Pxxxhub"

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Troll attacks Paige Spiranac: "She belongs on Pxxxhub"

Paige Spiranac became one of the most famous golf players in the world when she decided to immortalize her performances and her incredible physique on Instagram, a social network on which she boasts over 3.3 million followers, while on YouTube she is followed by over 276,000 fans.

She has never been able to fulfill her dream of competing on the LPGA Tour, but not only that. She has often been a victim of haters, who have made the most obscene comments to her. "You su*k, you have to stop," just a few of the epithets that many trolls have used against her.

Paige, on Golf Digest Podcast Be Right, in February 2022 said: "It was really hard for me and I took it very personally."

Troll attacks Paige Spiranac: "She belongs on Pxxxhub"

Paige Spiranac has been the victim of a haters in recent days who told her that she belonged to Pxxxhub rather than a golf course.

Spiranac once commented on Twitter: "Golf should be on Nickelodeon." Which prompted a follower to reply: "If you're playing, it should be on Pxxxhub!" And she replied: "Wearing leggings to play golf is not the same as doing poxn."

This is not the first time she has dealt with bad comments from fans on social media. The American had previously revealed that San Diego Padres fans labeled her a slxt and she even received death threats when she joked about the Padres poor fan base.

"I had the perception that nobody liked the Padres. In my years I have never met a Padres fan, then I saw a video of everyone celebrating and being so excited in San Diego. I retweeted the video and said it was funny, since no one showed up to their games when they sucked.

Then I had all these Padres fans. I ended up apologizing and regretting that I was getting death threats. One guy called me a screwed up porn star, saying that screwed up poxn star he has no right to talk about baseball."