Rory McIlroy hopes for a solution to golf war

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Rory McIlroy hopes for a solution to golf war

Rory McIlroy participates this week in the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in St. Andrews, Scotland, where several players who are playing the LIV Golf circuit participate. Once again, he did not hesitate to express his thoughts on the Saudi-backed beginner circuit.

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McIlroy told reporters that LIV continues to create a division in the sport and that division is not beneficial to any of the parties involved. "I don't want a fractured game. I never have.

You look at other sports and what happened and golf is falling apart," McIlroy said. "It's not good for the guys in the traditional system and it's not good for the guys on the other side either. It's not good for anybody.

There's a time and a place for it. I just think it's not the right time right now," he added. Things are even starting to heat up in court, as several golfers challenged bans they had received from other circuits for participating in an LIV event.

"I've always said that I think everyone involved should sit down and try to work together," McIlroy said. "It is very difficult for that to happen at this time when there are two ongoing lawsuits," he lamented.

Those on the LIV circuit have also insisted that they should receive Official World Golf Ranking points, something McIlroy doesn't necessarily see as a problem considering that several talented golfers are associated with LIV.

But, with the LIV playing three rounds, just 54 holes, in each tournament while the PGA Tour plays four rounds, McIlroy said there has to be some kind of compromise if that is going to happen. "You can't make up your own rules.

There are criteria in there, everyone knows what they are and if they want to change to meet the criteria, they can," McIlroy said. "I have no problem with them getting ranking points. But they have to meet the criteria, because otherwise it's hard to justify why they should have those points," he closed.