LIV Golf media rights, there is a strange case

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LIV Golf media rights, there is a strange case

The arrival of LIV Golf in the world of professional golf has had and continues to have a disruptive effect. Mainly from the institutional point of view, as evidenced by the ongoing dispute with the PGA Tour and, in a less angular way, with the DP World Tour.

Then, from a purely sporting point of view, with the introduction of a competition format different from the traditional ones, which met with the favor of some fans (at least, this is what is perceived by the discussions on social networks).

But now a new aspect emerges where the LIV Golf introduces a turning point in the way of operating adopted up to now. That of media rights.

Liv Golf, media rights

As we all know, the birth of a new sporting event normally brings with it, almost naturally, the conclusion of an agreement with a media for the dissemination of the images of the event.

In the case of the LIV Golf, however. this did not happen. And certainly not for lack of will on the part of the League led by Greg Norman. At one point, LIV Golf decided to broadcast the images of the tournaments for free in streaming on its website and on its YouTube channel.

It has concluded partial agreements around the world with some streaming platforms (find the list here), but has not yet made the deal that anyone would have expected. Greg Norman offered the rights to all the major companies in the United States, but he got a sharp "no" from all of them.

And this despite the attempt to facilitate negotiations by Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law. It is clear that the refusal depends on the link, first institutional and then contractual, that the various NBC, CBS, Disney, Apple and Amazon have with the PGA Tour.

But Norman is one who does not give up. The transmission of events, especially on the US market, is strategic for LIV Golf, also for the purpose of stimulating advertising investments. And that's how the White Shark and his collaborators decided to pay for this transmission.

Increasingly insistent and numerous rumors point to the closing of the agreement between LIV Golf and Fox Sports 1 cable television. We will therefore witness the overturning of a basic concept of negotiations in the media market.

LIV Golf will be responsible for the production of the images and the placement of the advertising spaces. The same sources reveal that the operation would have materialized thanks to the decisive intervention of Lachlan Murdoch, son of Rupert, executive president and CEO of Fox Corp.

Murdoch's work must counter the discontent within Fox Sports. Where no one seems to want to deal with the League supported by the Saudi Sovereign Fund. It is not yet known when the agreement will come into force, whether from 2023 or earlier.