Louis Oosthuizen on the reasons for joining LIV Golf

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Louis Oosthuizen on the reasons for joining LIV Golf

Louis Oosthuizen is one of the golfers who joined LIV Golf and caused various reactions. In an interview with The Telegraph, he spoke about his reasons: "I chatted to them and explained my position and said it was nothing at all to do with their product or how I'd been treated or anything," he said.

"But I'm turning 40 in a few weeks, was only maybe going to have another year on the grind of tours and, honestly, I was completely done with playing a full schedule. The conversation with his wife had a great impact: "Initially I wasn't sure, but I sat down with my wife and when we looked it just all fitted together.

We'd moved into the ranch in spring - we were brought up around farms and it was always our aim to have our own - and thought 'why not? Let's go for it - this is right for us. People might wonder 'well, you finished runner-up in two majors last year, with four top threes in two years' and say 'you're so close to getting a second' and it did give me another burst, another lease of my sporting life.

And I won't retire, full-stop, I'll just play less."

New challenges

It is obvious that he wanted some changes that would be of great importance to him. Every sportsman sometimes wants a new challenge in his career.

"The thing is it was never the plan to keep going and going, there are other things I want to do with my life. Golf is brilliant in that it gives you these options to continue as a pro, but there is a danger that it just decides for you what's next and for me I didn't want just to stay on that path of playing all the time.

With its 14 events and maybe one or two extra here and there - including of course the Open - LIV gives me that chance for the next few years. Maybe I would join the European Tour again, as you only need to play four events or so. Things need to happen for that to be possible."