Ruan Korb surprisingly won Vodacom Origins

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Ruan Korb surprisingly won Vodacom Origins

South African Ruan Korb surprisingly won the Vodacom Origins of Golf played on the St. Francis Links course (par 72), in St. Francis Bay in South Africa. Korb signed the second title on the Sunshine Tour by coming back from 15th place with a 63 (-9), the result of an eagle, ten birdies and three bogeys, and concluding his run with 203 (71 69 63, -13) strokes.

Ruan Korb, results

Arrived well in advance in the club house, he waited for his opponents to finish their test, but without particular worries of mind because no one came close to the top, not even his compatriot Ockie Strydom, leader in the first two rounds, and then second with two shots late (205, -11).

In third place with 207 (-9) Scottish Doug McGuigan, then two other South Africans, Hennie O'Kennedy, fourth with 208 (-8), and Dylan Naidoo, fifth with 209 (-7). He did not pass the cut, fell to 146 (+2), Philip Geerts, the only Italian in the race, 61st with 151 (75 76, +7), in his 60th presence on the circuit.

St. Francis Bay (afrikaans: St. Francisbaai) is a town in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. In 2011 it had 4933 inhabitants The place is on the Garden Route between Knysna and Port Elizabeth. The national road N2 runs about 20 kilometers north.

St. Francis Bay is part of the Kouga Parish in the Sarah Baartman District. Originally, Khoikhoi lived in this area. The first European in St. Francis Bay was Diogo Pereira Botelho in 1537. In 1575, Portuguese explorer Manuel de Mesquita Perestrello named St.

Francis Bay after the monastery in his hometown of Santarém. In 1765 the first Voortrekkers settled in the bay. St. Francis Bay is considered a water sports paradise. The four kilometer long beach offers excellent conditions for surfing.

Whales can be spotted here from August to October. St. Francis Bay traverses a five-mile canal system of the Kromme River. Temperatures range from 12°C in winter to 30°C in summer. Cape St. Francis is located ten kilometers south of St.

Francis Bay. The lighthouse there was completed in 1878. It is the tallest lighthouse in South Africa and has been listed as a historic building. Next to it is a weather station and a breeding station for African penguins.