Tommy Fleetwood on LIV Golfer's move: I think it's a bit silly really

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Tommy Fleetwood on LIV Golfer's move: I think it's a bit silly really

Tommy Fleetwood spoke to Barstool's Fore Play podcast about LIV Golfers and the fact that they have decided to sue the PGA Tour. Fleetwood understands why some have decided to join LIV Golf, but... “I think for some people that have gone it probably was a good idea to go.

They are the ones that might not be as competitive going forward or are a bit older and they've been offered what they have or the chance to do what they're doing. I'm not that bothered. That's fine. I just think when you make a choice and you start suing I think it's a bit silly really”.

- he said, as quoted by Jay Monahan reacted to LIV Golfer's move. "It's an attempt to use the Tour platform to promote themselves and to freeride on your benefits and efforts”. Fleetwood still has respect for some players.

“I'll still talk to any of the guys. I've no real remorse. I've got no time for that. I'm very fine. I'd much rather everyone get on and be happy. But it's not the way things are going at the moment."

Tommy Fleetwood speaks about golf

Tommy still loves golf, but at certain moments you could feel a certain 'animosity' at golf tournaments. "There's a few tournaments this year that have felt a bit strange and had a little bit of a weird atmosphere, and definitely more recently I think.

You get on with what you're doing. I just want to play as well as I can play. I totally get it, I've always had the feeling or the idea that as long as I'm playing my golf where I want to play it I'm perfectly happy.

But then I think there's certain things that players have done they shouldn't have done, like making a choice and then suing people. I don't think that's something they should be doing”.