Long drive, Bryson DeChambeau is second

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Long drive, Bryson DeChambeau is second

Bryson DeChambeau in second place in the Long Drive World Championship The player who has made the gain of distance his reason for living in the world of professional golf has almost come close to an unprecedented feat. Bryson DeChambeau took part in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship, finishing in second place.

The event was held from September 27th to October 1st, in its almost usual location, at the Mesquite Sports & Event Complex, in Nevada. 128 players took the field divided into the various categories (Amateurs, Senior over 45, Senior over 55, Open and Ladies).

The title of the Open category went to Martin Borgmeier (former European champion of the specialty), a German player who won with a 426-yard drive. DeChambeau earned the place of honor with a 406-yard drive (distance he also achieved on the PGA Tour).

The Californian player is not new to this world. As we have had the opportunity to tell, he is a great friend of Kyle Berkshire, outgoing champion, with whom he often trains, and not only for Long Drive. DeChambeau has already played a Long Drive Championship (he finished seventh in the final eight) and Berkshire has already tried to compete on the PGA satellite Tours.

Bryson has measured himself with players from the swing, let's say unconventional.

Bryson DeChambeau, statements

In Long Drive he matters very little on aesthetics, the goal is to develop sidereal speeds, as you can appreciate here (source PLDA YouTube channel).

But DeChambeau did honor and not only, as confirmed by the new champion: "There is something very, very important that you need to know" "I would not be here, none of us would be here with improvements in technology, if a year ago a boy had not come among us to make sure that this sport has got to where it has gone" "That boy is Bryson DeChambeau"

Borgmeier continued: "He also finished second!" "What is happening! He is a professional of the Tour and has achieved incredible numbers in the speed of the ball .. " “No one has ever done such a thing!

People haven't realized what crazy it is! ”. DeChambeau, beside him, nods smiling, clearly satisfied with the result achieved. He was certainly not in Mesquite for the prize pool (Borgmeier took down $ 50,000). He was there to take it long.