Jon Rahm: "I have had a bad year in quotes"

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Jon Rahm: "I have had a bad year in quotes"
Jon Rahm: "I have had a bad year in quotes"

Jon Rahm, former world number 1 and current number six in the ranking, said this Tuesday in the presentation that he faces the Spanish Open with "a little less pressure" than last year but with the aim of winning and "adding" his name to that of Seve Ballesteros, who has three victories.

The golfer from Barrika arrives at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid at a "good time" and ready to rediscover the victory he achieved at the Open in 2018 and 2019, although he admits that this year has not been as good as he would like.

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"It is an important tournament for me and I would like to add my name to that of Severiano Ballesteros", confessed Rahm, alluding to the possibility of matching Seve, who won three Spanish Opens (1981, 1985 and 1995) during his professional career ( 50 wins, absolute record, on the European Tour).

"I've been lucky enough to win cups like this in different amateur categories. In modern history, Seve has three and to be able to match him so soon in my career would be incredible. It's a way of uniting my bond with Madrid, because winning the Open de your country is always a source of pride.

That 18th hole at the Club de Campo and with the support of the public is something unique", highlighted the Basque at the event held at the City Hall of the Spanish capital. "Compared to last year, there is a little less pressure.

Winning three in a row is incredible and the desire of the public was noticeable, but now I have had a bad year in quotes, or in which I have not won the other years, and I go with another mentality. It reminds me more of the first year I won," he added.

Rahm recalled that the 1997 Ryder Cup is the tournament for which he started playing golf and praised the figure of Severiano Ballesteros and Txema Olazabal, two athletes who revolutionized this sport and with whom he is sometimes compared.

"I try not to let it go to my head and hopefully when I finish my career I'll be higher up. They (Seve and Txema) made a change from the elitist sport that it was, and that some still think it is, to one that has 300,000 licenses Now that the licenses go up is a pride, whether for me or not, although I guess what I did helps, "he said.

Finally, Jon spoke about the players who have decided to play in the Arab Super League (LIV Golf), whose presence in that circuit will separate them from the Ryder Cup. "The only regret I feel is that those players can't play the Ryder, although we'll see what happens.

In the rest of the senses, no. There is a League that offers a lot of money to play, whether it is an exhibition or not, and they have made a decision. I am not the one to criticize just as they do not judge me for staying, "he said.

"What I don't like is that there are certain negative comments in the press. When you make that decision, be happy. We are autonomous, we have the right to play wherever we want, and I can only see it in a positive way that it has made the PGA grow. Tours," he concluded.

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