Lee Westwood on PGA Tour: That was starting to get a bit lonely for me

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Lee Westwood on PGA Tour: That was starting to get a bit lonely for me

Lee Westwood surprised many with his decision to join LIV Golf. He did not feel that he could be part of the same story and decided to take a new step. Westwood was missing some things. What is most important for him is that he is happy at the tournament supported by Saudi Arabia and that his ambitions remain the same.

​He is expected to show his best, and we are aware that Westwood is a player of great quality. “I walk up and down the range the last few years, two, three years, whether it be a PGA Tour event or European Tour event, and I have to look at the names on the bags.

I don't know 75 percent of the players out there. That was starting to get a bit lonely for me." - he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com In addition, there are many young players and he could not establish a relationship with them.

Age makes a big difference. Westwood gets along better with players his age. “It's one of the disadvantages of playing well into a ripe old age. My son would have more in common with most people on the range than I would.

It's nice to be out with people like Ian and Henrik [Stenson] and Phil [Mickelson] and guys more my age”.

Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter: We've spent a lot of that time together

Westwood and Ian Poulter have a great relationship.

Both have been on the golf scene for many years and have shown their quality many times. It is expected that they will also show great performances at LIV Golf. “I think we pretty much know all there is to know about each other now.

This is my 29th year out here, and I think it's about 25 for Ian, and we've spent a lot of that time together. There's not a lot else to know. What you see is what you get here, I'm afraid”.