Anirban Lahiri on LIV Golf's investments in the Asian market


Anirban Lahiri on LIV Golf's investments in the Asian market

Anirban Lahiri is happy that Saudi Arabia is investing 300 million dollars in the Asian Tour. LIV Golf has shown how serious they are in its intentions. Lahiri is delighted about this move by the management of LIV Golf and believes that this will be an important decision.

“You look at where the Asian Tour was post-Covid. I know a lot of my friends who play on the Asian Tour were without a job for almost 18 months. Asia being such a strong economic region in the world, the professional golf industry hasn't quite reflected that.

I think this investment into the Asian Tour is necessary, and it's timely, because there's a lot of potential. ”- he said, as quoted by

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Lahiri spoke about the importance of the Asian market.

“There's so many golfers. Golf is huge, even in terms of tourism, in terms of a lot of these countries and how the economies work. I think in so many ways, golf is integral and important to this region, and this investment is going to do a lot for right across the industry, not just for the professional golfers, also for all the affiliated industries.

It's also going to grow how many people watch the game, how many people come out, how many kids get exposed, how many parents say, ‘Oh, I want my son or daughter to play golf’, or, ‘I want to grow up and be like Kevin [Na], I want to grow up and be like all the guys who are here this week.’” LIV Golf has a plan to expand to a 14-tournament League, which will be a great thing for everyone.

“I think it's timely, it was necessary, and I'm very glad and grateful that it's come when it's come because I know the Asian Tour and the region needed it. I think it's fantastic and it can only get better and grow from here in every which way”.

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