British Challenge is close the to Grand Final

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British Challenge is close the to Grand Final
British Challenge is close the to Grand Final

Two stops in England, then the Grand Final in Mallorca where the twenty 'cards' for the DP World Tour 2023 will be assigned to the top twenty in the order of merit. The sprint to the Spanish Balearic Islands begins with the British Challenge presented by Modest!

Golf Management (6-9 October) on the St. Mellion Estate track, in Cornwall, and will continue with the English Trophy (Abingdon, 13-16 October) where the starting grid will be defined, composed of the 45 best classified in the Road to Mallorca (money list), for the Rolex Challenge Tour Grand Final (3-6 November).

British Challenge, schedule

In Cornwall there will be four Italians on the field: Enrico Di Nitto, Aron Zemmer, Jacopo Vecchi Fossa and Lorenzo Scalise, with only the latter (39th in the ranking) competing to reach the final event.

The 27-year-old from Vimercate, who has suffered four cuts in the last four outings, still has to cash in at least in these two events to avoid surprises, even if he has a good margin on who is behind him. 16 players will be at the start among the top 20 classified in the Road to Mallorca, confirming that there will also be a close fight to maintain the positions already acquired, as well as among those close to the 45th place.

Tournament favorites are the German Alexander Knappe, ranking leader, the English Nathan Kimsey (No. 3) and the Swede Jens Dantorp (No. 5), but there are others capable of winning such as the New Zealander Daniel Hillier (No.

7). ), who scored in the Swiss Challenge, South African J.C. Ritchie (# 11), who runs for cover trying to regain ground (he was the leader of the money list a few months ago), even if he risks almost nothing, after getting a little too distracted on the DP World Tour, the French Clément Sordet ( n.12) and the Spanish Alejandro Del Rey (n.17).

The Swede Mikael Lindberg (No. 2), the German Freddy Schott (No. 4), the Dane Oliver Hundeboll (No. 6) and the Norwegian Kristian Krogh Johannessen (No. 10), who practically have the card 'already in your pocket. To follow the Swedish Joel Sjoholm (49th), winner of the previous Hopps Open de Provence, who will try to enter among the elected. The prize pool is 230,000 pounds (about 264,000 euros).

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