Patrick Reed confused by OWGR moves

"I'm getting hammered," said Patrick Reed

by Sead Dedovic
Patrick Reed confused by OWGR moves

Patrick Reed fell on the ranking list, and the biggest influence was the decision to be part of LIV Golf. Discussions are still ongoing as to whether LIV Golf will be awarded ranking points. OWGR is still considering the decision, and the situation seems tense.

Reed doesn't understand why things like this happen. "I'm getting hammered," said Reed, as quoted by "The only thing I'll say about all of that is the longer that you have competitive golf and competition with such great players and top players, the longer they're playing events that aren't getting World Ranking points, it just makes the World Ranking system insignificant." LIV Golf is very competitive, but its association with Saudi Arabia has caused a lot of resentment from golf fans and others.

Reed believes that such competition deserves ranking points. "Let's be honest; it's not a true system if you're not counting all the events and having points for everybody," he continued. "If you're competing for a golf tournament and they meet every criteria that you're supposed to meet in order to have World Ranking points, then they should be getting World Ranking points no matter what."

LIV Golf

LIV Golf is in big trouble because they know what a disadvantage it is when you don't have ranking points.

They will have to do some things if they want to be competitive with others. "If you're trying to say that we don't deserve World Ranking points, this and that, then it's a political battle, it's not an actual true system.

Last time I checked, every sport you play, it's based off of competition and who you're playing, how strong that field is and who wins, and you're allocated certain things. It doesn't matter what tour you're playing on." The story will continue and will obviously last.

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