Tom Brady surprised: I don’t know how they do it in golf

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Tom Brady surprised: I don’t know how they do it in golf

Tom Brady has shown many times that in addition to American football, he has a great love for golf. Brady is a frequent guest of various golf courses and it comes to him as one of the 'valves' and a place where he can divert his mind from everything.

In an interview with, Brady talked about the differences between the two sports. It is unnecessary to talk about the differences, but Brady put the greatest emphasis on 'emotions' Golf is something else entirely, and golfers have to be less influenced by emotions and remain calm, unlike American football.

“You want to get really hyped up in football and have your emotions that are really kind of a fever pitch,” Brady told GOLF’s Dylan Dethier. “In golf. It’s very different. You just have to — I don’t know how they do it in golf.

You know, I would say that hasn’t been — that’s probably the biggest difference is, you know, when you get hyped up in golf, how do you stay calm?”

American football vs golf

American football is known as a 'tough' sport, in which you are moved by emotion, giving you extra strength.

To that extent, it is understandable why Brady observes both sports differently. The emotional charge during playing golf is much lower, but it is felt best after the end of the match. “In football, you can get as emotional and fired up as you want and it’s just going to lead to more speed, more energy, more enthusiasm.

In golf, it’s very hard. It’s very different. You know, it gets translated in a very different way”. There are many athletes who decide to play golf because golf involves the combined aspect of many things; mentality, concentration, emotions, reflexes, and much more. That's what makes it so special.