Donald Trump defends the Saudis: We have human rights issues too

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Donald Trump defends the Saudis: We have human rights issues too

Although the Saudis are often criticized, Donald Trump decided to defend them; "We have human rights issues in this country too," Trump said, as quoted by
"Saudis are putting a lot of effort into it and a lot of money into it." "These people have great spirit, they're phenomenal people and they have unlimited money — unlimited," Trump told the Times.

Sarah B. Snyder, a historian of US foreign relations at American University, is of similar thinking as Trump. "What do you think? Our country's so innocent?" "The US record on — whether it's human rights abuses, or military interventions overseas, or kind of robust, aggressive defense of US interests, or any country's foreign policy interests — he didn't see that the United States needed to necessarily uphold a different standard," Snyder told Insider.

His willingness to support and express admiration for authoritarian governments, whether they're Vladimir Putin in Russia, or royals in Saudi Arabia, that doesn't surprise me."

Leal Parker on Saudis

Alison Leal Parker, Managing Director for the US Program at Human Rights Watch gave her view of the situation; "Every previous administration, including the current one, including the Biden administration, has been responsible for human rights violations," Parker said.

"But the administration of Donald Trump is a real nadir in the history of human rights violations in the United States." "Continuing to turn away and expel people seeking US refugee protection at the southern border is both a humanitarian disgrace and a legal travesty," Human Rights First researcher Kennji Kizuki said for Insider.

Snyder was talking about the Trump administration. "My assessment of his record during the campaign and in the White House would be that he does not think that one of the US government's top priorities should be the protection of human rights," Snyder said.

"And there I'm talking about the protection of human rights domestically. I think he's even less concerned with the rights of people residing outside of the United States."