Alps Tour, the Qualifying School Final Stage

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Alps Tour, the Qualifying School Final Stage

The Alps Tour Qualifying School Final Stage is held on the courses of the National Golf, in Sutri (VT), and of the Olgiata Golf Club, in Rome. From 9 to 11 November, the 156 admitted players, 92 by right and 64 promoted to Stage 1, from 20 countries including Venezuela, Ukraine, the United States and Montenegro, will compete for the "cards" for the 2023 circuit.

The Alps Tour Qualifying School Final Stage, results

There are 29 Italians in the field, the second largest group after the French one (49 participants), while the third is the Spanish one (19). The pros Luca Pettinau, Massimiliano Repele, Mattia Bergamaschi, Adalberto Montini and Andrea Martini and the amateurs Alfredo Migliorini, Niccolò Agugiaro, Gianmarco Manfredi, Diego Buttironi, Lorenzo Casartelli and Elia Dallanegra have passed Stage 1 and Ludovico Addabbo has been admitted by law.

Jacopo Albertoni, Marco Archetti, Filippo Bergamaschi, Federico Buganè, Giulio Castagnara, Lorenzo Castelli, Michele Cea, Mattia Comotti, Andrea Ferraris, Edoardo Giletta, Federico Livio, Giovanni Manzoni, Takayuki Matsui, Flavio Michetti, Gianluca Proietti, Leonardo Rigotti and Alessandro Stucchi .

The tournament takes place over a distance of 54 holes. In the first two rounds the competitors will alternate on the two tracks, then the first 65 classified and the equal merits in 65th place will access the final lap at the Golf Nazionale.

At the end, the first 35 and the tied players in 35th position will receive category 6 'cards', the others those of category 8 with less chance to play. For those who remain out of the cut, a category 9 'card' that will allow participation in some event.

The Alps Tour is a third-level tournament series for professional golfers, supported and recognized by the national golf federations of France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Morocco. It is part of the Satellite Tour, which includes the Alps Tour, the Pro Golf Tour, the Nordic League and the PGA Europro Tour.

The tournament series formerly known as "Third Level Tours" merged in April 2006 to form the Satellite Tour. In the 2007 season, the Alps Tour events will be held in the countries of the five associations. In 2007 there are about 22 tournaments with prize money of around €1 million.

A large part of the field of players comes from the participating countries. The top 5 in the tour standings are given limited entitlement to play in the Challenge Tour and also starting places for the second stage (Stage 2) of the 3-stage Qualifying School, with a certain contingent being reserved for a few other players who are classified immediately behind them for Stage 2 .

Since this number can vary, precise information is deliberately omitted here and reference is made to the official website of the Alps Tour.