Golden Swing, celebrity golf Open in March

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Golden Swing, celebrity golf Open in March

It will be a special kind of golf experience. The Golden Swing - Celebrity Golf Open tournament will bring together some prominent personalities from sports, media and society on March 11, 2023 in Mallorca. The event will take place at T Golf & Country Club Poniente, Mallorca and attendees will have the opportunity to see their favorite stars up close as they compete on the golf course.

The event features a mix of professional and amateur golfers. In addition to the tournament, the Golden Swing also offers a number of other highlights, such as B Live entertainment, exhibitions and an exclusive golf party.

The Golden Swing, Celebrity Golf Open

Organizer and initiator Ramin Seyed: “We are organizing an exclusive celebrity golf tournament on one of the most beautiful and best golf courses in Europe, namely the T Golf & Country Club Poniente.

We wanted to offer the best to our guests and participants and every golfer knows that T Golf is the Champions League." The ceremony will be moderated by former basketball professional and ex-Bachelor Andrej Mangold and Kai Pätzmann.

So after the boxing Oscar, Mangold is back on a big stage. Mallorca is an island in the Mediterranean, the largest of the Balearic Islands—that's why it's also called the Major Balear—, and it's the place of origin of the Majorcans.

Due to the large demographic weight of the capital, Palma, the island was traditionally divided between the City and the Foreign Part. The Foreign Part is the rural area, the land located outside the population. In Mallorca, this term is used to refer globally to all towns that are not the capital, Palma.

From the classical period, collective names referring to the Balearic archipelago predominate, generally differentiating the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera) from the Pitiüses (Eivissa and Formentera), but some texts also begin to name each of the islands It is not known what the Phoenicians called Mallorca, unlike what happens with Ebusus, but it is known that the Greeks called Gimnèsies the strict Balearic Islands and Cromiussa the island of Mallorca.

The ending in -ussa is of Phocian origin, and common in classic island toponymy. But both Greeks and Romans used denominations relative to the dimensions of the two most important islands, of the type the major (or the largest) or the minor (or the smallest) of the Gymnasiums or Balearides,[Note 1] and with this denomination is found in the local production registration plates of the federated city of Bócor;[4] consistently, the terms Balear Major and Balear Menor are also documented,[Note 2] and, briefly and autonomously, simply the major and the minor. The name of Maiorica, together with its partner Minorica, is not cited until the 4th century.