Distribution of world points, shocking anomaly

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Distribution of world points, shocking anomaly

A significant discrepancy between the number of world points awarded to the PGA Tour tournament in Georgia and the DP World Tour final, which was attended by 7 players from the world's top 25, surprised players and observers.

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The new world points calculation system is still in development. This is in a way what explains why this week again the number of world points was not "fair" according to Rory McIlroy. At a press conference last Tuesday, the Northern Irishman was questioned on all subjects.

He let loose on the Australian Greg Norman whom he wants to see leave the LIV to hope to start discussions. “I think that for things to settle down it is necessary for Greg to leave. He must leave the stage so that adult discussions can take place.

“A new spade in the direction of his best enemy after the one launched following his victory in Canada and the one sent during his return to the place of world number 1! About the world ranking, Rory McIlroy was asked about the distribution of points between the two tournaments of the week.

For most observers, there is a problem in the system since the winner of the PGA Tour tournament Adam Svensson, the RSM Classic in Georgia, neglected by the best players in the world, received 37 points while Rahm was only credited with only 21.8 points for his 3rd victory in the DP World Tour final in Dubai, where 7 players from the world's top 25 were present.

It's a much fairer system. It's mathematical, it's not subjective like the previous system.
Rory McIlroy The Frenchman Romain Langasque himself joked about this “anomaly”. For Jon Rahm still 5th in the world this Monday morning this ranking is laughable.

After his victory he said that for weeks his ranking has not changed while his results are excellent. “I finished 2nd, 1st, 4th, and again 1st this Sunday. However, I did not move in the world ranking. I don't know if that explains what I wanted to say at the start of the week, but it's pretty clear."

But Rory McIlroy believes that this system is the fairest at present. The Briton pointed in particular to the fact that there were 94 more players competing on the PGA Tour this week. “You have two very different fields, you have a 50-man field here versus a 144-man field there,” said McIlroy, chasing his fourth DP World Tour Rankings title this week.

“So the reason there were only 21 points here and 37 at the RSM is that the winner on the PGA Tour has to beat 143 other players and here you have to be better than 49 players to win. impose. It's a much fairer system.

It's mathematical, it's not subjective like the previous system. » Aware of the astonishment caused by this discrepancy, Rory explains that it will take time for things to return to order and seem more balanced.

"I think it's the fairest system you can find right now. A lot of work has gone into this, five years of algorithms and analytics have been fed into the system so it's not like it changed overnight but I think it will take some time .

It will take another 18 months for it to be truly relevant because it is based on a two-year rolling history. » The world ranking was modified at the beginning of August 2022 and we devoted an article summarizing the changes in the calculation system. A total of 23 circuits are currently eligible for World Ranking points.