Tiger Woods' former caddy made an interesting decision!

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Tiger Woods' former caddy made an interesting decision!
Tiger Woods' former caddy made an interesting decision! (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Tiger Woods' former caddy, Stevie Williams, has decided to come back from retirement. He will now join forces with Adam Scott and will have an exciting job in the coming period. With his experience, Williams can be of great help to Scott, who needs such a high-quality caddy.

It will be an interesting partnership between two great professionals. Adam Scott is happy that he achieved cooperation with Williams, considering that he had the opportunity to cooperate with him before. “For me it’s exciting to work again with Steve and see if we can rediscover the magic,” Scott said for Golf Digest’s Evin Priest.

“As a player, you experience different points in your career. Right now on the PGA Tour is a time of change, and I’m adjusting to it. Having Steve and Greg doing a job share is going to help me get everything I need and that’s to be fresh at the biggest events”.

As we already said, Stevie Williams was Tiger Woods' caddy. Their partnership was something special, and there were many titles they won 'together' The experience of working with Woods is something special, and it goes without saying how much Scott will learn from Williams.

A few weeks ago, Stevie recalled his collaboration with Woods. He still remembers those great moments. “My time with Tiger, it was such a whirlwind that I didn’t ever stop to smell the roses, really,” Williams told Priest .

Adam Scott on Tiger Woods

Adam Scott had only words of praise for Tiger Woods talking to fox sports in February of this year. “I’ve always had a great relationship with Tiger,” he said. “Early in my career I was able to be very up close and on the inside of his game.

We were both working with Butch Harmon - the swing coach - and I played a lot of golf with Tiger early on, and I actually think he was so good and he liked messing with me, that it dented my confidence to be honest and it took me a few years to figure that out.

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