Paige Spiranac puts her favorite World Cup team on her breast

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Paige Spiranac puts her favorite World Cup team on her breast

Famous golf influencer Paige Spiranac revealed that she is obviously rooting for USA's team at the football World Cup competition by putting on a sensual top matching the USA football team's kits. "World Cup!

Who are you rooting for?" Spiranac captioned the newly shared photos.

Here are some of the reactions of Spiranac's followers:
  • "I don’t think these pics are legal in Qatar."

  • "I'm rooting for your shirt to untie."
  • "We aren’t here for soccer."
  • "If you care about human rights, you’ll boycott the WC in Qatar."
  • "I’m rooting for that knot to fail."

  • "Rooting for it to be over so everyone in America can stop pretending to care about soccer."
In their first match, the USA national team drew against Wales (1-1).

Spiranac: "Men like sports and b*obs"

Earlier this year, Paige gave a funny answer to an online popularity report by Golf Magic.

Accoridng to the report, Spiranac was at the top of the male-dominated list of the most popular golfers from Instagram. Spiranac tweeted: "That's right. Men like golf and bo*bs." Paige makes more money with every post on Instagram than other golfers: with 3 million followers, 15-time world champion Tiger Woods finished second on the list.

Spiranac in 2019 won the Masters for the first time in 14 years by beating the favorites on the eve of the tournament.

"I wish I had played golf at a higher level and achieved more, but she would not change this for the world," explained the American on the Maxim portal, which named her 'Most Beautiful Woman in the World'

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