PGA Tour star on Tiger Woods: He keeps to himself a little bit


PGA Tour star on Tiger Woods: He keeps to himself a little bit

The great golfer, Camilo Villegas spoke to GOLF's Subpar podcast about his experience with Tiger Woods. Villegas commented on Woods and the practice with him. "I remember going to tournaments where you had to sign in,” Villegas said on the podcast.

“I would go to sign in at 5.45 and Tiger’s name was already there and he was in and out. It was like ‘what time did this guy get here?’ Sometimes he would show up to the gym at four in the morning and by the time we got there he was gone." Tiger Woods is a man who has selected people by his side and with whom he spends the most time.

“To be honest I don’t spend time with Tiger. He keeps to himself a little bit. He has a few friends. I got to play some practice rounds with him when I was out on tour and started getting a little bit closer to him."

Camilo Villegas

However, Villegas believes that it is not easy to be such a great star, given that "all eyes are on you".

Sometimes it's hard to deal with fame, but it also has certain advantages. “But then, being very, very, very honest, and this might be a little controversial, I don’t know what the benefit was. All the eyes were on Tiger, then you see the guys who are close to him and they get trapped from a media point of view to the Tiger life and I didn’t want that.

I wanted to be my own. It’s nothing against Tiger. It’s tough being Tiger. People always talk about him and say ‘I’d love to be Tiger for a day’. Maybe for a day, but it’s not easy”. We'll be seeing Woods on the TV soon, and his recovery process seems to be going well.

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