Club's consortium for renewable energy plant


Club's consortium for renewable energy plant

It is now the daily nightmare of presidents and owners of golf courses: the energy bill is the number one concern in the last six months. Unfortunately it is and will be for a long time to come. The expensive bill will accompany us for at least another year, regardless of the choices made by Putin, Zelensky and the rest of the world.

To cope with the second emergency within two years, the Italian Golf Federation took to the field.

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President Franco Chimenti summoned the presidents of all the circles to Tolcinasco (Milan) and illustrated to them a possible plan to deal with this dramatic situation.

Federgolf's number one first said he was satisfied with the massive participation and then illustrated his project. “The expensive bill is a problem that cannot be solved in the short term, let's not delude ourselves - he said -.

And for this I believe a common position between the Federation and the clubs is necessary. The idea is to form an energy consortium between all of us. By doing so, united, we could share the patrimonial impacts of the investments to be made and the benefits deriving from them.

The result would serve to reduce the cost of energy for all members of the consortium ". It was a short step from words to deeds. Federgolf has chosen who should carry out such an ambitious project. This is Key to Energy, a consulting company in the energy sector with some Italian giants as clients.

Luca Piemonti spoke on behalf of Key to Energy. “We want to find a long-term solution, something that will secure golf clubs for the next 20-30 years. We aim to stabilize energy costs first and contain afterwards. We do not do this by focusing on gas but on renewables.

And let us think of everyone, even those who have already started to take care of themselves to cope with the expensive bills ”. As imaginable, the intervention looks beyond the contingent emergency, the one that exploded with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict but already present in unsuspected times.

The classic energy resources will sooner or later end and for this reason all that remains is to focus on renewables. It is clear that the photovoltaic race does not only affect the world of golf but Italian entrepreneurship in its entirety.

Equally clear, unfortunately, that Italy was not ready for a similar acceleration towards renewables. In fact, what does Franco Chimenti's proposal foresee? In extreme (indeed very extreme) synthesis, the idea involves the formation of a national consortium made up of clubs in the first place and, therefore, of the Federation.

This consortium will buy land in Italy and, once the authorization has been collected, will build a photovoltaic system there. The members of the consortium will draw the necessary energy from this plant. I repeat: it is a simplification, a discourse that still appears in an embryonic phase.

It seems obvious that unity is strength: the more clubs invest in the consortium, the greater the "political" weight of the association and the greater the return in terms of savings. But how much will the investment be and how much will the savings be? The arduous answer to the Federation and to Key to Energy.

Soon the numbers and timing of the project should be put in black and white. In the meantime, Franco Chimenti has collected the informal green light from the clubs.