Cayetana Fernández, new leader at only 17

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Cayetana Fernández, new leader at only 17

The second day of the Andalucía Costa del Sol Open in Spain has been marked by the great performance of the young Cayetana Fernández, a 17-year-old amateur golfer who, with a round of 65 strokes (-8), has climbed to the top of the classification with a total of 135 shots (-11), one ahead of Linn Grant, leader of the Race to Costa del Sol.

Big words. The adjectives to define the performance of the golfer from Madrid are beginning to be missing from the dictionary, and “surprise” is no longer useful after the tournament that she starred in last May for the Community of Madrid Ladies Open, where she finished 3rd.


Cayetana Fernández, statements

"That tournament taught me a lot, it helped me manage that there are many people following you, that there are cameras around, and it also helped me not to get nervous when playing with professional players, who are my idols", explained the CETEMA player.

With a round with eight birdies and totally lacking bogeys, Cayetana Fernández did not hesitate to describe it as "almost perfect, especially with the putt, and the auction has already been to finish with a birdie on the 18th hole.

I cannot fault this day, with my sister as a caddy, my mother and my coach following me… It was a perfect day”. "I know that golf is a sport of humility and, however you believe it, you will do badly. It has been a perfect day"

Another of the keys of the day has been to control the nerves, unavoidable in a test like this, and playing with a caddy, in this case his sister, has been a great support, in addition to the fact that "sharing the game with professionals may set your goals on a larger scale.

Here I have nothing to lose, I play more relaxed and I try to enjoy the learning that I take with me”. Despite the fact that Cayetana Fernández recognized that she has arrived at Villa Padierna "with a lot of confidence after several weeks playing well, you never expect to do such a good lap, especially in such a demanding course", and above all, she has her feet on the ground, since "I don't have an environment that pays me many compliments, I know I'm having a good tournament, but I also know that golf is a sport of humility and, however you believe it, you will do badly".

Cayetana Fernández's day has also outshone Paula Martín, another amateur player who, without making as much noise as her partner, is having a good tournament and shares position with Carlota Ciganda, with a total of 140 shots (-6).

Paula Martín has improved the record of the first day with a round of 69 strokes (-4), and she did not fall apart by delivering a bogey on the first hole, in fact, that was her only mistake throughout the day. The one who did penalize the mistakes, and a lot, was Carlota Ciganda, in a round in which after fighting like a cat belly up she signed 73 hits, par for the field, since "the mistakes I have made have been quite large, there are to avoid double bogeys”, he lamented.

However, the Navarrese player preferred to see the glass half full and kept the positive, which is that "I have made 11 birdies in 18 holes in the two rounds, if I manage to remove the bad and focus on the good, I think I can have options on Sunday.

One of the local attractions, Azahara Muñoz, has dropped a step compared to the previous day, with a card of 72 shots (-1) and a total of 141 (-5), and the Malaga-born blamed her game with the putt: This course is very technical and does not allow mistakes, and the greens are very fast and bumpy, but that is no excuse.

It's me, that I'm not kicking well, ”she acknowledged. But with everything and with that, she sees herself with options facing the final stretch of the championship. “If my putt works, I think I can be up there,” she declared before heading to practice on the putting green.

The Andalucía Costa del Sol Open in Spain, in addition to closing the Ladies European Tour season and proclaiming the winner of the Race To Costa del Sol for the third consecutive edition, will be the fourth event of this circuit to be held this year in our country with an amount in prizes of €650,000.

In addition, there will also be a bonus of €250,000 for the top three ranked in the order of merit of the European Women's Tour.